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PFISH (Pacific Fishing, Inc) is located in both the new Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San Jose del Cabo along with the orginal IGY Cabo San Lucas marina. For over a dozen years Mexico has been part of our 3-pronged attack on Pacific Bluewater Gamefish which also includes operations in Alaska and Panama.  From the red-letter days of the annual striped marlin infestation, to herding cows at the Gordo Banks and slow trolling "Chiwillies" for torpedoes with fins (wahoo), LITTLE SISTER, our freshly re-powered 32' twin-diesel Rampage and our newest addition the 48' Riviera BLUE SKY are ready, willing and most of all, ABLE.

Along with Owner/Operator Capt. TA "Tat" Tatterson, our local crews have been fishing "The Capes" since the 70's and not only know how to put our clients on fish, but are renowned for their exceptional customer service.  As an example, our client base is over 75% repeat and referral and our sister site for BLUE SKY is ranked as the #2 TripAdvisor Activity in all of Cabo! and our overall rating of 91% "Excellent"... well, hopefully speaks for itself.

We hope that you’ll find our website a friendly, informational tool although we cannot emphasize enough the importance of a phone call or email to answer additional questions and get to know us. Please feel free to ask for references!

Day Charters in Los Cabos

Charters out of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are run each day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day.  With countless species to choose from including Black, Blue and Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado (Mahi Mahi/Dolphin), Wahoo, Yellowtail, Roosterfish and many, many others, we offer something for everyone. There is always plenty of snorkeling gear aboard and even a professional speargun... inviting a lunch-break swim in our warm, clear waters.  Day Charters in San Jose (Puerto Los Cabos) on Little Sister run $795.00 USD for up to four anglers.  For those wanting to explore the outside waters of the Pacific, PFISH now also offers Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters on our new vessel Blue Sky which is a 43' Riviera and runs $1695.00 USD for the day.  These prices of course include: State-of-the-Art Tackle, Fuel, Crew (Captain and Deckhand), and Ice.

Baja Mexico Fishing Packages

PFISH offers numerous packages to choose from and encourage clients to also "BYO" or Build-Your-Own package.  All vessels are tournament quality and the gear is very "Americanized", no skimping.  Lodging options include: Private Residences; Condos; Resorts and good 'ole "Fishing Hotels".  As a matter of fact, check out our newest alliance with one of the nicest resorts in town! $995/week includes 3-days fishing and 7-nights lodging (4-Star). Click here :-)  *This offer became available last season and is based upon 4 persons. Hurry and book, it may go away!

Our Baja Hunting Grounds-

A good percentage of our tie on the water finds up out near the famed Gordo Banks and further northeast to Iman.  However, as with any good charter, we fish where the fish are.  The 1150 and 95 spots to the southwest and more nearshore the Grayrock and Red Mountain areas also have seen a lot of Little Sister.  You can also find us stomping around from the Arch all the way up the outside to the Golden Gate and San Jaime when that's where the fish are.  During the low-wind months of Summer and Fall, we have also developed a unique adventure for clients which has come to be know as the "Mini-Long-Range" charter which is a bunch of fishing styles, techniques, species and days... all rolled in to one.
View the "Mini" Long-Range route map

and our new sister website: www.loscabosfishingcharter.com

Excerpt from recent feedback reports...
"My wife Nancy and I just returned from a trip to San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. While down there we decided it might be nice to spend a few hours fishing. We called Captain Tat from Phish-Pacific Fishing who suggested we might want to take the day and combine fishing with whale watching and take in the sites around the water. Although Captain Tat was out of town we found out that he has an excellent crew. This day in the Pacific turned out to be the highlight of our entire trip. We saw beautiful sites, a few whales with their cubs and oh did I say we caught 3 marlin? What a day!!The crew, Juan and Carlos, knew where to go and what to do. Without their knowledge and expertise we would not have been able to land them. Their goal is to give you a memorable day and they surely did! I would highly recommend that you give them a call and set-up a time to create some memories for yourself."
- Jon and Nancy G, CORNING, NY

"I have fished in many different countries and this was my first trip to Cabo. Tat went out of his way and went beyond any expectations to make our day a great one.
We will be back again during the fishing season and will give him a call.  Highly recommended!"

"I would like to recommend Juan and Tat from Pacific Fishing at the Puerto Los Cabos Marina on their family oriented boat, LITTLE SISTER. This was my first time CHUMMING for Tuna, it was amazing throwing sardine fish out into the ocean and watching the water boil with fish, lots of action. Over two hours we caught 10 Tuna and we would of caught more, but it takes time to rebait and chum the waters again. On the way home from the TUNA hole, we spotted a log, and immediately starting cutting up one small Tuna..... BAM... the Dorado bite was on and we landed 9 big boys in front of my three small children.... needless to say we gave Juan a big tip, some fish for his family and are going out to Gordo Banks with Tat next week for the big tuna over 200lbs. This was great, and having the owner of the boat who is American, handle all the details was very comforting.

Toll Free: (855) PFISH 92

Dec 07-14 and Dec 16-23, Lodging plus 3 days fishing.  CALL NOW!!!

NEW...  Great Video of Trophy Halibut Release 
at PFISH - Alaska

  Special Package  $995/week with 3-days Fishing and Luxury Resort!

Current Fishing Report

As you may be able to tell by the gap in fishing reports, PFISH has been busy (to say the least) in Alaska for the past few months.  However, summer fishing has been HOT (pun intended) and while the yellowfin tuna took their sweet time getting here... they ARE here now!  Read more >>

Upper 70's and holding (water temps that is).  2013 has been treatin' us just fine down here in Los Cabos so far... Read more >>

Howdy… no, make that BOY Howdy!  We’ve had quite the week, a gift from the Big Guy/Gal upstairs as our wonderful ocean currents created a wonder of opportunity for those of us on the “east” side of the Cape.  Not the East Cape, just the east side. Read more »

“Headquarters, disregard that last transmission.”  Hopefully, without jinxing myself, I will say that I may have spoken too soon… give me some wood to “knock” on, please.  So, three days ago I said we were in the midst of the “Mid-Winter Blues”, now I’ll change that to read we’re suddenly in the midst of the “Mid-Winter Stripers.”  Read more »

Well, we are certainly experiencing our typical “Mid-Winter Blues” here at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, however things may be on the turnaround after a good showing of pelagics today.  Read more »

PFISH - Alaska

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